Yarn Frustration

Good Afternoon

Hope you are all well?

Bit of a spring feel to the air this afternoon, wouldn’t you agree? The sun is shining for once it’s dry time to hit the fields with the dogs but first a coffee, some biscuits and a quick blog. I’m having a yarn frustration week for one reason or another so……

Today is more of a plea really, a couple of years ago I was asked to make a cardigan for a friends baby. Well said baby has obviously grown up a wee bit but still wants to wear the cardigan I made her, even though it is now way too small for her (how cute?). Mum asked me if I could make her a larger one in the same colours, of course I said, oh hang on not sure how much of that yarn I have left? or if I will even have enough? I found it out and was already trying to figure it out in my head, will I have enough? should i add a colour to spread it out a little? Should I just say no not in that colour? Oh the torment lol.

Turns out that I don’t, well I would have enough to finish the body maybe but it would be armless (scratches head), so off hunting I go, all my local shops a few more I remember frequenting on the off-chance to no avail 😦 I am a little gutted as I do hate not to be able to finish a project, especially as someone as asked me to replace something special.



This is the yarn I am looking for, I do not have the make to look for it online myself but if anyone does spot some anywhere out and abount please let me know. A further 2 skeins will be required.

Please help me to get this order complete and make a gorgeous little girl very happy again.



Baby Blankets

It would appear I now have 5 WIP’s on the go, was asked last week to make 2 baby blankets ready for a new arrival. Said new arrival is the next week so RSI is setting in as I am frantically trying to get them ready before the little lady arrives. Will I manage to get them both done? Some beautiful colours are working up nicely and I will share a sneaky peek now.

I did have to start one blanket again completely, which was rather frustrating, otherwise they would both be complete for your full viewing pleasure today. Does anyone else get really disheartened if you have to start something again from scratch and you didn’t have far to go to finish? so annoying isn’t it? Never mind I have to say I am actually preferring the change I have had to make so Happy Days. Every thing happens for a reason right?

My first c2c blanket

Guess what?

I got the decreasing sorted and managed to complete the square blanket, with minimal yarn to spare though. Again I ran out and desperately trying to decide to border or not to border and if I do add a border what colour? this debate aside I do love corner to corner crochet and have surprised myself how easy it actually is. I will show you soon.

Right I need to go and get the dogs out in the fresh air, then I can crack on with my baby blanket deadline.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, whatever you are doing, let me know if it’s something interesting?

Are you working on something you have just got to get finished?

If you see the yarn above, please let me know. Thanks in advance

Take Care

Marie (Cosy Crochet)

White Stuff

Good Evening, I know I said I would blog more for you but I didn’t expect it to be straight away, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. So the white stuff known as Snow is covering the UK, with more set to come over night and the next few days. How much have you had? and who now dreads to hear the words snow on the weather forecast? I know I do, although I never really enjoyed as a child either but it’s worse now, even though we had it a lot worse than we do now, anyone else?

We didn’t have much but with temperatures plummeting to leave Ice and frozen snow still in places you know what that means don’t you? Yes, on day 30, I finally got to change colour on my Temperature Blanket. I couldn’t wait to finally get home out of the cold, turn the heating up, get the PJ’s on, lock the door on the cold, continue with my current Audiobook “A Secret History of Witches” and add a new colour. It was the first thing I did sat with a nice warm cuppa. I fear it will back to the usual colourings for the last 30 days but hey I got some blue in there YES!!



I also mastered decreasing last night and I will soon have a complete square, administering self pat on the back, I cannot actually believe how easy I now find it. Why is it with certain things we can try and try and fail numerous times, but then suddenly it clicks? Anyway I’m loving it, I will then need to decide on a border for it, best start searching through my book stash for inspiration.


WIP Discovered – Panic set in!

How can you forget a work in progress?

I have never done that, ever, is it my age? Should I be worried?

I completely forgot that I had started some amigurumi last year, I went to my crochet bag to store my new yarn away from my inquisitive cat, who clearly approved go my new purchase. PANIC! I must finish it, I have to confess to having OCD when it comes to amigurumi, I have to finish them as soon as I can. Not sure why? any other projects I can switch between them as to not get bored but not when I am making toys or animals. Anyone else the same?

What am I?


Short and Sweet this evening

Stay safe everyone, be snow & ice aware

Take Care

Marie x (Cosy Crochet)

So Long – No Blog

Firstly I need to apologise, I have not been keeping you up to date for almost a year, how is it that life gets in the way, I mean we have to live it but do we have to live it so hard?

Now just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I have haven’t been busy with my hooks and yarn, in fact looking back over the last year I have done quite a lot, and again it’s not till you look back in life (at anything) you realise how much you have done is it?

Take 5 minutes, pick a date range, analyse it and jot down what you have done, doesn’t matter how small or large it is,  I bet you’ll be surprised. Do let me know of course.


So now we are into 2019, crazy hey, who remembers 1999 thinking wow the year 2000, and the cyber world will have a meltdown at the stroke of midnight, did it? no!!! anyway where has that time gone? Happy New Year Cosies, what do you plan to do this year? Personally I just want to be happy and content – Crochet wise my resolution is to master c2c crochet. for all you none crochet readers that’s the term for corner to corner crochet, best known for blankets.

I have already mastered the increase, really please with myself, quite surprised with how quick and easy it works up to be honest (that is now I know what I am doing). The decrease has commenced, I’ll be honest this hasn’t gone as smoothly, But, I believe I am getting the hang of it now. With c2c you can create some great blanket designs which is my aim so I’ll let you know how that goes and what I create.

This yarn is just gorgeous, brought from Material Girl – Sutton-in-Ashfield, it is dyed this way so is making it’s own pattern as it develops.


Secondly – I will be blogging more, I have enrolled into the College of Media and Publishing and just submitted my first assignment on blogging, wish me luck, student again at my age, oh what am I doing lol mid-life crisis?? how can you tell lol, anyway I’m loving it so who cares. Any advice good or bad will be greatly appreciated.

Temperature Blanket

I also started this on the 1st Jan, the idea being you crochet a row per day for a whole year,  dependant on the daily temperature determines the colour that is used. Now there are several variations of these over social media but its great taking this journey with the 100’s to 1000’s also doing it throughout the world. I decided to take the days daily average temperature and to use different shades of the selected colours. It appears to be coming on nicely however not much variance between yellow and green at the moment, I do think with temperatures set to plummet this week I may drop down into a blue (I do hope so).

I chose a Granny Stripe Blanket, and the eagle eyed ones will notice that day 1 was yellow on the left, on the right it’s green, yes this got left out and a curious cat decided it would be great to undo the whole row and play with it frantically arount the living room.  Grrr so start again I do, with a colour change on the temperatures, she did me a favour 😉

The Two Knits

A local yarn shop I have been meaning to frequent for quite a while now happened today. Wow I wanted to move in, floor to ceiling yarn, hooks, needles, buttons, ribbons OMG everything I was seriously spoilt for choice and of course I couldn’t leave without a purchase. My obsession at the moment is sock yarn, which is not the cheapest of yarns so if you know of where I can this at a reasonable price then please do let me know. Anyway 3 more balls of sock yarn went into a bag and that contactless beeped and off I ran in the rain all excited to my car. The words muttered to myself being “you nutter” once in the dry. Just couldn’t resist. I do hope you will agree.

Just look – I think I’m turning into a yarn magpie 🙂


Right I best go and do my next row on my Temp Blanket, then c2c or socks, and if socks which yarn oh my life???? Life is full of decisions, what are you currently grappling with? let me know

Take Care Cosies

Will be back soon

Marie x

Regaining My Mojo

Well its been a strange month since we last spoke, I lost my way a bit with my crochet projects. No matter what I tried to do it just wasn’t happening. I felt as though I was watching myself trying, screaming at myself WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU CAN DO THIS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I appeared to have forgotten everything that I knew and had taught myself over the last few years. It was a very weird experience.

I am happy to report that balance has been restored this weekend and I have managed to finish said project and start two more successfully. That was a very surreal time of my life where I appear to have been dazed no matter what I was doing or facing. I know we have had some upset and turmoil to deal with since Christmas but this I cannot describe.

Feeling lost in one’s self is not a great feeling so I am thankful that I have all of you, my support network, that believe in me, which in turn made me believe in myself again. I knew I could do it, my brain and hands however where in separate dimensions of time  as they really were not coordinating at all.

Short and sweet one today, I just felt I needed to get this down off my chest and out-of-the-way so I can move on (hopefully none of this strange behaviour shall return)

I will leave you with a sweet picture I wish I could say was mine but I’d never be able to get my Bengal to sit there and pose for me let alone wrap her in a hat and blanket to pose.

I’d need medical attention if i attempted this 🙂


Love to you all

I’ll be back soon

Marie x

Cosy Crochet

Sanity Blanket

Hello All

I left you last time with an image that stated “What am I going to be” well that project is now complete but what a journey I’ve been on whilst getting this finished. Who know’s what is around the corner? never  a true question asked.


I was getting on really well with this blanket it was coming together so fast I was impressing myself, Loved how it came together and how in the end something which looked really complicated was actually really quick and easy.

Then disaster struck, not with the project blanket but personally, a pet emergency put halt to everything and left me in limbo both emotionally and physically. This blanket became my go to, at first I could only manage a few stitches, my mind was just not in it but elsewhere and being pulled in so many directions. Without realising I was completing this blanket and never took a moment to appreciate what it was doing for me.

Not, that is, till just now, I’ve finished it, I love it but I don’t remember creating it. Our bodies and minds work in a magical way if you think about it, I have had so much running through my mind over the past couple of weeks that my body, when functioning, has been on autopilot and just getting on with things.

This blanket has kept me sane without even realising, I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter what happens to whomever in your life, we cannot do anything about it other than exist and continue, we cannot blame ourselves for actions of life, we are here to observe and act accordingly to what is thrown at us to make us better human beings, stronger individuals. So when life throws something you’re way in the future grab your sanity blanket. Everyone has something or someone you are never alone.

Until next time, Stay safe, be happy and cherish what you have.


Cosy Crochet by Marie x x

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, firstly let me wish you all a happy new year and best wishes for 2018. I’m sure we are all making resolutions and praying that we stick with them. I however have not made any, I cannot seem to plan a day ahead at the moment let alone try and stick to any resolutions. I would love to hear what you have all made though?

Well it has been a while since I blogged for you and I have been doing the mad Christmas order rush, when you always get those words “can you just make this for Christmas” the question is how do we always manage to get it done? strange that one moment you have a full order book all needing to be done the week before Christmas and you sit there saying to yourself how the hell am I going to get all this done, and prepare for my own Christmas?

Secretly I love it, and while I do I shall continue. So thank you for all that have ordered and have been so happy with your items, and a few surprise presents thrown in too.

So it’s time to look forward, Babies on the way, blanket requests then theres Easter? what to do this year Bunnies? Baskets? Flowers? It is only around the corner, you always have to be thinking ahead in this creative skill, which I am not normally that good at, thus proven this Christmas past as I never managed to make anything Christmas related at all so I plan to make Santa’s, Reindeer’s, Snowmen and whatever else I can squeeze in so I have a stock this year. So I guess I really have made a resolution without realising this year.

Here is a selection from over the last couple of months, highlights for me has to be the sausage dog, toothless the dragon and the baby monkey which was part of a blanket and hat set for a newborn.

So it is onto the New Year and New Projects, and it has already begun……

And what am I going to be?……………….


All shall be revealed

Stay safe and enjoy your resolutions I will be back soon once this is complete.

Marie x


Dark by Day, Light by Night

Well what can I say, Black is a Mood we all delve into at some point in our lives but working with it is worst. I have had a few projects recently when black or dark colours have been required. the order comes through and the dread begins, planning of when to do it because you need brilliant light, so dark work becomes an in-between project I believe, Dark by Day and Light by Night, Now the nights are drawing in there is even less time to plan around this time of the year.

I feel myself working thinking just one more row of the black whilst squinting in hope of the last few minutes of dusk before the dark ensues. then the lights have to go on but it’s just not the same as natural light. I’m lucky to have a conservatory with a glass roof which enables maximum light till the dying seconds of dusk and then I must stop and start another on going project. If i continue then mistakes happen, you count you last row to find a chain has been missed or you take a look at your work to find something just doesn’t look right.

Working with dark colours is quite difficult, but over the last few weeks I have managed to get quite a few projects completed none the less.

Several Batman? Batmen? have been completed which have been lots of fun and proved quite popular after making a few Cosy Crochet Modifications to each one as I have gone along (I like to do that, two are never really the same)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So my lesson was learnt with these, you must have really good light, so the question to myself has been Do I Buy some LED hooks? Are they worth it? Will they work? Will I be wasting my money? Just put the light on right??? Well I’ve never been a person for main lights on in a house I prefer to have lamps on instead it feels more homely to me. So yes I have taken the plunge and order some LED hooks from https://funkymolly.com/products/crochet-led-hook so I am eagerly anticipating those arriving to give them a try. I will post an update as soon as I have them.

in between other projects I also managed to make a beautiful jacket and matching scarf for a gorgeous little girl aged 12 – 24 months using  Stylecraft black and grey mix yarn, which is superset and beautiful to work with and gives a fabulous finish.

I cannot wait to see pictures of the little on wearing it this Autumn, I will be making one in red soon and can’t wait to start it.

As Autumn is upon us (if not already here) Messy bun hats are being requested again, and yes you guessed it a black one was requested, albeit black sparkly but nether the less still black. but as these do not take a lot of time at all I wasn’t worried about squeezing this one in at all, and the end result was lush. I just wish the photo could capture the sparkle.

Then came along my favourite black work which left mine and its recipients hearts beaming with cuteness overload……..


These arrived this week and I just had to try to squeeze one in, so I hunted through and saw my late kitten Minstrel and my friends cat Neo, so I knew that it had to be the one to try. Now as they are so tiny and different colours must be used in the same rounds without fastening off each time, they are very fiddly, but oh boy are they worth it, just adorable.

Not bad for a first attempt at these tiny cuteness creations 🙂 x

So Dark by Day, Light by Night can not only be about working with dark colours, life is this way for many of us. Dark can take over easily without us realising, we must maintain the light in our lives to over power this dark entity and Crochet is my light, it helps me focus my mind on the project at hand rather than dwell on thoughts that may drag me into the dark.

Life is wonderful and light is all around, go and grab your light and keep it shining and you may be surprised at just where you can find your light and where this could take you.

Take Care

Marie x