Wherever I Go

I think I might start taking something with me wherever I go, I sometimes sit waiting in places thinking this is wasted time.

I was sat waiting for my mum to do her physiotherapy in the doctors on Friday and in walks a Nun, great to see still, she checks herself in, sits down to wait and pulls out her knitting. OMG I had to smile to myself, she was working on what looked like a scarf but the yarn was beautiful. I just had to go and talk to her, couldn’t resist.

Turns out the yarn was donated to her so she can keep the homeless supplied with warm wears throughout the cold months. Heart melted at this point because the wool looked expensive and she was whizzing though the scarf with great speed that was astounding.

She did give me a quote that will stay with me a while “Every moment is precious fill it with fulfilment” We chatted a little more and she got called through, I wish I had got her picture but it somehow didn’t seem appropriate in that short space of time.

It did make me realise I must carry something with me, just something small that I can be doing with my time whilst sat around waiting. I’m thinking the same hats and scarves for the homeless or bedding for animal rescues, every little helps doesn’t it.

Happy Sunday Everyone

Marie x

Crochet Along (CAL)

The lovely Eleonora at Coastal Crochet is planning to start a CAL (crochet along) on the 12th of April, should I do it? I have been debating this since she posted it weeks ago and now I only have a few weeks to decide and buy my wool.

Her work is amazing and think I will learn a lot but wondering if I will have enough time to do it, I have 2 courses, my blog getting established, work and other projects HELP!

If you would like to do it also then please take a look at her blog and join in too (Changing Tides Blanket CAL). She has teamed up with style craft who have put together the yarn pack for the whole project too which makes it even easier, well to purchase the wool at least.

Oh Sunday Morning debates, should I? (Makes a change from Brexit at least)

Marie x


I look at crochet as my stress reliever, no matter what happens or how bad your day has been I can pick up a hook and just do 1 row or 1 round of whatever it is I am making and my mind will calm itself. I think it must be the focus you have to give to follow a pattern or keep your tension it just makes everything seem more rational. I do believe my craft keeps my demons away, anyone else feel the same? What is your choice of mental fulfilment?

It’s so very hard to see a loved one decline into a dark world and feel absolutely powerless to help them. Have you ever watched someone decline so bad and not be able to help? Did you feel powerless?

I believe one of the hardest illnesses we have to deal with is mental health, we are scared of it happening then unprepared to deal with it when it does, And there is not enough being done to help  on all levels, for the individuals and their families.

If you notice the smallest of signs in someone then offer a hand, encourage a craft or exercise something that will engage or focus the mind elsewhere. Or just simply get them to talk, you may never even know how that small step could save someone.

A small sign is a cry for help do what you can.

Stay Strong and focused people, it’s a harsh world out there.

Take Care

Marie x


Following on from Unravel I decided to redress my Temp Blanket Cont….. I spend a few hours one afternoon last week unraveling the whole two months worth of work and restarting over the weekend.

I decided to go with c2c and managed to catch up on January and February and I have to say I am really pleased with how it’s looking. It will still be huge but I quite like that idea now looking at it laid out.

I will be increasing each row till the end of June which will total 181 days, I will then start to decrease per day. This should leave me 3 days at the end of 2019 to add a border per day to finish the year. I am now excited to see how it’s going to work out, I have it in my mind so I am hoping that we have a summer like 2018 and it will look stunning with the hot colours I have planned. We’ve already a hint of it with that orange row.


Summer does seem so far away again with the current weather turn, not sure anyone expected the snow we woke up too on Sunday morning, hey we should expect it by now right?

I do hope this will be the last project that I re start for a while, I have decided that if I start to get a gut feeling something just isn’t right I will stop this time. (wrote with crossed fingers).

So I am going to go and get March up to date on my blanket so that I can be back to one row per day and onto something else I am looking forward to doing. Watch this space 🙂

Have a lovely evening

Take Care

Marie x

Unicorns & Rainbows

Well Tinycorns, that was my focus last weekend with an order for two of them, both with different colour briefs but both as equally amazing. So after the unicorn cot blanket Bringing a life…. last month, I’m seeing rainbows myself.

Why are we obsessed with these magical creatures? They are everywhere and on everything at the moment adding a little magic to everything we do.



Some people believe that if you find your unicorn it will lead to your rainbow, which leads to your pot of gold in life. Have you found yours? Is this why we are obsessed by them? Are we striving for the perfect dream to come true? You’ve got to dream right other wise what are you going to strive for


Some other people would argue that if you are seeing unicorns and rainbows you should lay off them drugs for a while, but is that what they are striving for at that point in their lives? who knows. All I know is that they have become extremely popular so once I made my first Tinycorn there has been lots more that followed, and I love making them.

The brief for the two I did last weekend was 1. Girly Pink, PINK and more PIIIINNNNKKKK so that is what I did, all pink with white hoofs and horn, pink mane with a few rainbow highlights.

2. Girly but not all pink so I went for white with bright pink hoofs and horn then a full on rainbow for a mane. It’s actually the mane that takes up all the time as you have to attach each strand individually and this can take a while. Then you have to make the decision to brush it out or leave it, brushing out with a clean copper bristled brush makes it fluffy. I decided to leave it then customer can do it if they wish.

Oh the magic of Unicorns and Rainbows, Follow your dreams and enjoy your journey.

Pattern courtesy of Ahooka @ Ahookamigurumi.com 

Take Care

Marie x


Ever feel like life is unraveling in front of your eyes and you just sit and watch?

For whatever reason we all feel this way sometimes and it can vary from something trivial to something serious. Either way we often sit there for a while and watch before deciding what to do about it.

This has been happening to me recently on big projects, I have been working through them quite rapidly and almost finished them and decided NO, I need to start again! For whatever reason starting again was the answer as I just wasn’t happy with them, we should never continue in something if we aren’t happy right?

I did however find the opposite happening with a large project over the weekend, I was almost finished and getting excited to put it in its place when hey presto, the yarn ran out. Ugh! I have been waiting to use this particular yarn for years and never really had the correct pattern for it until c2c came along. The yarn is really chunky and the further I got into the blanket (or so I thought) I decided it would be substantial enough to be a rug. So again I found myself unraveling the burgundy colour back to the start of the grey yarn, I am going to reduce it further by one more grey row and start decreasing with burgundy then hopefully I can finish.

Is this Karma’s way of saying stop doubting your work? Maybe but I’m a perfectionist and if I’m not happy with it I don’t believe anyone else will be either.

I’m also debating whether to start my Temp Blanket Cont…..again, I chose the wrong hook size and choice of pattern I just know it will be too big and out of proportion just after two months worth of rows. Should I start again now before going any further? I haven’t done any of March’s rows yet just in case. I think that might be my answer right there.

How frustrating, but everything happens for a reason right? and if you do become or feel unraveled in life then search because something good is in there and will shine through eventually.

Good Evening All

Marie x


Following Instructions

We all have to use them at some point in our lives. Take flat pack furniture building, Love it or Hate it we have all had to do it at some point. Some instructions are great and does what it says on the tin, others? well you may as well read the foreign pages as they would probably make more sense.

Luckily last week I was in the former of the two and had some relatively easy instructions to follow and created two fab coffee tables for my living room. Happy Days!

How do you attack flat pack furniture instructions, or any instructions for that matter?

I treat them like crochet patterns, when I first tried to read a pattern it may as well have in a foreign language, I didn’t have a clue. It was just rows of letters and numbers. If it wasn’t for YouTube I still think I would be struggling. Even now I have to re read some rows a few times to ensure I know what I am doing.



Looking at something like this for the first time was very scary indeed.

I can now read them easily and that page of numbers and letters turns into something wonderful.



I make sure I have everything I need to hand that the pattern states then start. So I adopt the same to flat pack furniture building and hey it works. Ensure you everything that you need and follow step by step you cannot go wrong.

I was very happy with myself getting them complete and up and the room sorted before the other half arrived home for the weekend. Who needs him hey? I get the same self-gratification from following a complicated pattern and creating something wonderful.

As you can see I had a little help from the lady Schnauzer, the typical male schnauzer was lay on the sofa watching ha ha

Show me something you have recently made that you are proud of, I would love to see them.

Take care

Marie x