Deconstructed Alien

Hello again, apologies for the delay in writing again, only I have been preoccupied with the boring mundane jobs around the home, also known as decorating, looks good though. This however has meant that not much work with a hook has been done this past week, but I still manage to complete a really cute piece.

Amigurumi – as I previously mentioned is my new favourite makes, anything in this style I just love-making all the pieces, but don’t you just think they look like “Deconstructed Aliens”? before being transformed….


See ALIEN!!!

But when you start putting all the pieces together, even the tricky fiddly bits, there is something satisfying about watching it come to life.


Still Alien I know, especially when you put the head on the wrong way and have to start again DOH!, Before you know it arms are in place, ears are attached and it’s starting to form what it should. Then you start to add little touches like with this one I learnt some really cute small easy flowers and leaves which look so affective. But again once all made and not but together or sewn in place just looks like a minefield of yarn everywhere.

So Pretty but affective, and sooooo easy to make. “Yeh so she says” I hear you say.

How to make the flower.

  1. Magic Ring, SC x 5 (tighten ring)
  2. Slip Stitch (SL) into first Chain (CH) and change yarn colour.
  3. *Chain 2, 2 x Double Crochet (DC), Chain 2, Slip Stitch* all in the same stitch.
  4. Repeat from * to * round in all 5 loops from magic ring and you should end up with 5 petals.
  5. Slip stitch into 1st Chain of 1st petal and fasten off.
  6. Ta Dah – you have a flower – Again Alien right??

How to make the leaf.

  1. Make a Slip knot
  2. Chain 8
  3. In 2nd Chain from hook make a slip stitch
  4. Single Crochet (SC)
  5. Half Double Crochet (HDC)
  6. 2 Double Crochets (DC)
  7. Double Crochet (DC)
  8. Half Double Crochet (HDC)
  9. 3 Single Crochet in last Chain (SC)
  10. Turn your whole work and work down the opposite side
  11. Half Double Crochet
  12. Double Crochet
  13. 2 Double Crochets
  14. Half Double Crochet
  15. Single Crochet
  16. Slip Stitch
  17. Fasten off and again TaDah you have a small leaf to go with your flower.

So not only does it look like an Alien I think the pattern is even scarier to understand. I remember trying to read a pattern for the first time and not having a scooby doo what any of it meant, I went with what I thought it meant and actually did create an Alien the first time.

I used to re write patterns in my own way so that I could understand it better which also made it easier to start because I already had the pattern flowing around in my brain somewhere to pluck out when required. I don’t need to do this as much now as I know a lot of the terminology and can almost speak fluent crochet (Ha Ha). So I completely understand the Alien concept for on lookers.


My Deconstructed Alien turned out to be this super cute snuggly elephant complete with flower head band, isn’t it just amazing how it is transformed.

Love a finished item and reflecting the journey through each piece, so many things can happen throughout a day in the completion of just one piece. A whole room was re decorated in between each of these pieces, to which I currently sit writing to you all.

I do hope you enjoyed my elephant journey, I will be back soon

Marie x

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