Sanity Blanket

Hello All

I left you last time with an image that stated “What am I going to be” well that project is now complete but what a journey I’ve been on whilst getting this finished. Who know’s what is around the corner? never  a true question asked.


I was getting on really well with this blanket it was coming together so fast I was impressing myself, Loved how it came together and how in the end something which looked really complicated was actually really quick and easy.

Then disaster struck, not with the project blanket but personally, a pet emergency put halt to everything and left me in limbo both emotionally and physically. This blanket became my go to, at first I could only manage a few stitches, my mind was just not in it but elsewhere and being pulled in so many directions. Without realising I was completing this blanket and never took a moment to appreciate what it was doing for me.

Not, that is, till just now, I’ve finished it, I love it but I don’t remember creating it. Our bodies and minds work in a magical way if you think about it, I have had so much running through my mind over the past couple of weeks that my body, when functioning, has been on autopilot and just getting on with things.

This blanket has kept me sane without even realising, I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter what happens to whomever in your life, we cannot do anything about it other than exist and continue, we cannot blame ourselves for actions of life, we are here to observe and act accordingly to what is thrown at us to make us better human beings, stronger individuals. So when life throws something you’re way in the future grab your sanity blanket. Everyone has something or someone you are never alone.

Until next time, Stay safe, be happy and cherish what you have.


Cosy Crochet by Marie x x

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